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Monday, 17 October 2011 13:36

by Alvine Kapitako
17 October 2011

WINDHOEK – Eight Namibian students on Saturday travelled to China to pursue medical studies for six years, after securing scholarships from the Namibian-Chinese Loving Heart Organisation.

The Namibian-Chinese Loving Heart Organisation was initiated and established by the Chinese community in Namibia, primarily to avail financial and material assistance to needy Namibians.

At a send-off party held last Friday, the Chairman of the Namibian Chinese Loving Heart Organisation, Jack Huang, said the scholarship programme was initiated last year and would fund up to 30 Namibian students to study a six-year clinical medicine course at Nantong University, in China.

The scholarship would amount to N$12 million.

Last year, six Namibian students benefited from the programme.

“What’s more, this is only the first phase in our long-term plan – we will carry on this scholarship programme when it works and proves good. It is required by the programme that beneficiaries should return to Namibia to serve the country after completion of six years’ study in China,” said Huang.

The students who travelled to China on Saturday are: Genius Vries, Anna Mungunda, Justina Shikongo, Elsabé Tsauses, Celestinu Adeliuu, Jaushulu Freedom Aluteni, Emilia Shatumbu, Tertu Iilekah.

Another student, Fransiska Naimhwaka, will also pursue studies at the same university although she did not obtain a scholarship.

Foibe Fillipus, the personal assistant to the Minister of Education, Dr Abraham Iyambo, delivered a speech on behalf of Dr David Namwandi, Deputy Minister of Education at the occasion.

The Namibian Government has a mandate to ensure the country’s young people gain the necessary knowledge and competencies to be successful citizens and professionals, she said.

That is why government allocates a huge amount to the Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund to enable more Namibian students to access higher education, she noted.

“But of course resources are limited and the fund may not cater for all students. That is why we greatly appreciate assistance from our development partners such as Namibian Chinese Loving Heart Organisation,” said Fillipus.

She added that the medical field is government’s area of priority. “His Excellency the President and the Founding President (Dr Sam Nujoma) have been calling upon and encouraging young people to pursue careers in the medical field.

“They both believe it is important to have enough medical personnel in order to promote a healthy nation,” said Fillipus.

The students were urged to work hard and plough back in the country at the end of their studies.

Tsauses, one of the eight students, said she was “shocked” when she was told she was a recipient of the scholarship. “I wasn’t expecting it. To realise a dream takes a lot of effort,” she exclaimed.

It is a learning opportunity that would not only benefit the recipients and their families, she said.

She added that it would benefit communities and the country. She pledged her commitment and hard work.

“Congratulations to all of you who are going to study at Nantong University. You are going to have such a wonderful chance to fulfill your knowledge, pursue your dreams as well as learn through different cultures,” said Huang.

“You are going to China as ambassadors of Namibia, and we would like you to come back as qualified ambassadors and not failures,” said Fillipus, on behalf of the deputy minister of education.
Source: http://www.newera.com.na/article.php?articleid=41199


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