Namibian Artist Gets European Recognition
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by Frederick Philander
21 August 2009

WINDHOEK – Local visual artist, Uli Aschenborn, is at present causing quite a stir in European art circles according to art reports emanating from the continent where he is working as a lecturer.

One of the leading German magazines, Pirsch wrote about him as follows:

“His grandfather Hans Anton, his father and Uli himself are known in southern Africa for their extraordinary animal paintings and this for a century. You can hardly find in Namibia a household, a lodge without any art of the Aschenborns. Uli Aschenborn’s murals and gates adorn guest-farms in Namibia. Hotels have special “Aschenborn”-rooms with paintings of these artists, in Windhoek there is an Aschenborn street. Uli’s first exhibition has been 44 years back! … Uli Aschenborn’s ‘Amazing Changing Art’ is his private style of art on its own account …”

Uli’s’s paintings hang next to worldwide top painters as Josef Beuys, Gerhard Richter, Joe Stefanelli and Nobel Prize winning Ren Rong to name only a few. In 2008 the “Aachener Nachrichten” (Germany) wrote about Uli’s art next to some of the top painters named above “… fighting, wrought together in quick movement and with high emotion animals are rendered masterfully by Uli Aschenborn … He is not only a master of the difficult art to show bodies in motion but he also excels in using colour. Many of his sandy colours and natural hues change in his paintings to shimmering gold, more frequently he uses his own painting technique that he baptized “chameleon-technique”. By intricately applying only sand and paint, Uli thus creates paintings with changing colours full of light and the character (the contents) of the paintings alter according to the angle of view.”

Commending Uli schenborn’s exhibition in Paris the French Vincennes Info wrote “Uli Aschenborn’s source of inspiration stems from animal painting, landscapes, and humans up to the abstract art sphere. He explores all the techniques (watercolours, pastels, drawing, etching, painting, ‘morph-sculpturing’ …) to translate movement in an instant. His life is imbued by motion: Born in Johannesburg in a family of artists, he held his first exhibition being very young and then exhibiting throughout Southern Africa becoming known on an international scale. A number of museums have bought his works, where the ease of his brushstroke is a herald for the African continent …”

Even though Uli is obviously making himself a name quickly in Europe, his artwork prizes are still moderate.

Do you want to see, for example the same painting of a dice showing one or two or three pips – just depending from where you look at the art work? Do you want to see its background change from green to blue? Then you should come to the Kendzia Gallery Volanstr 14 in Windhoek, since this is unique in the world! The exhibition runs until next Tuesday at Kendzia gallery in the capital.
Source: New Era
Link: http://www.newera.com.na/article.php?articleid=6347


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